Important Information
Michigan CPL Class

Required to apply for a Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL License)

What the CPL Class Covers:
  • Basic Pistol Safety
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • Proper grip
  • Proper sight alignment
  • Different calibers and types of pistols and ammo
  • How to check if a gun is loaded or not
  • Correct loading an gun loading procedures
  • Difference between cover and concealment
  • How to deal with a deadly encounter
  • When you are allowed to use deadly force
  • Places you are allowed to carry your pistol concealed and pistol free zones
  • How to apply for your Michigan CPL
On the Range

NRA certified Instructors and Range Safety Officers are on-site to coach and assist students to load and shoot.  We have typically 1 instructor/range safety officer per every 2 students.

Ammo ($20-$25 for 50 rounds) and Gun Rentals are available at the range $15 or bring your own.

Targets are set at various distances, and students will get a change to experience:
  • Shooting fundamentals - load, stances, aim, fire, unload, clean jams/misfires
  • Practice rapid fire
  • Instinctive (point) shooting
  • Shoot from different stances [The Weaver & Isosceles]
  • Learn to shoot from standing concealed positions
  • Shoot the required 50 rounds
What to bring to class

  1. Photo ID
  2. Pistol/Handgun/Holster (optional)
  3. Non-Alcohol Beverage
  4. Good Attitude
  5. Remaining balance in cash for class & ammo
  6. Pen or pencil, notebook or paper for notes
You must register and pay any registration fees in cash before day of the class.

Upon completion, students are awarded a certificate with their name indicating they have successfully passed the class.  Students may then use this certificate to satisfy the Michigan Concealed Pistol License CPL training requirement.  This is the Michigan concealed pistol permit class.

Once you complete the class, you are ready to apply for your CPL permit.
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